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Why is it so expensive to tow my car?

As with all businesses, we have operating expenses - commonly referred to as "overhead" - that have to be paid before any profit is actually made.  These include insurance, fuel, office expenses, licensing & business fees, vehicle repair & maintenance, phones, IT expenses (like for this website), rent, and uniforms.  They all take a big chunk out of the bottom line.  The $xx you might pay for your tow does NOT mean we make $xx.  Far from it.

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Can you tow my vehicle with your wheel-lift type truck?

In most cases, yes we can!  It is a common misconception for people to think their car must go on a flatbed/rollback truck.  Even those trucks have an auxiliary wheel-lift on the back!  There are limitations, of course, based on certain vehicle types and weights.  For obvious reasons we cannot do all-wheel-drive vehicles.  Additionally we are weight-limited to no heavier than the average two-wheel drive 1/2 ton pickup truck/SUV and lighter.  Many people prefer a flatbed for their high-end vehicles, but we have towed more than a few Mercedes and Porsches.  We do not offer any kind of service on EVs.

Did you tow my car?

Unless you asked us for the tow, NO, we did not.  We only do owner-requested towing.  We do not do parking lot enforcement, law enforcement impounds, or any other non-consent tows.  If your car has been towed without your consent, contact the local law enforcement agency.  Companies doing these types of tows are required by law to log the tow with the local law-enforcement agency, either local PD or Sheriff's Office.


Do you take Triple A?

No, we do not.  We prefer to work directly with our customers and clients and not through a third party.  This permits us to provide fast service at a competitive rate with no middleman.  We also do not service any of the smartphone-based towing apps.  Not only do they create unnecessary delays in getting you the service you need, but they can also increase the cost of the tow significantly.

I have towing on my car insurance; what about that?

Check with your insurance provider, each has a different procedure.  They will either (1) have an in-house roadside service department, (2) sub-contract for a third-party motor club, or (3) will allow you to make your own arrangements and will reimburse you.  Companies using option (3) are the best, as you are not held hostage to decisions being made by someone else.  State Farm Insurance, for one, uses this reimbursement method which gives you the choice of towing company.

Understand that motor clubs, insurance companies, and smartphone app towing referral sites do no own and operate their own tow trucks.

How long will it take you to get here?

There are a number of factors involved in our response time, but we try very hard to reach you in 30-45 minutes.  We seldom require more than an hour.

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