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The Master's Blog

The latest goings on in the world of automotive towing and roadside assistance at Master Towing Service, Inc.

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New Discount!

We love our repeat customers! Starting July 1st, 2024, all customers will receive a discount card for 25% OFF of their NEXT tow! What? ...

Best of North Port!

Of course, we think we're the best ANYWHERE; still, nice to be a Finalist for the honor here in North Port.

No Teslas Here

Sorry, but no, we cannot tow your Tesla; they require either flatbed transport or wheel-lift with dollies. Many flatbed operators won't...

Yep, we can tow your Mercedes

Provided it is NOT All-wheel Drive [Identified as "4matic", the Mercedes term for their all-wheel drive models]

Happy New Year!

Well, another year has come and gone and we are approaching our 37th anniversary being in business on July 1st. Last year was a pretty...

My Latest Classic Catch

Nice 50's era GMC panel truck towed from Port Charlotte to East Englewood.

Another Classic for the Gallery - Edsel

Had this one on the wheel lift the other day; 1959 (I think) Ford Edsel Ranger. Only had to pick it up from repair shop parking lot and...

My First Exotic for the Year

Towed my first exotic of the year today. Really nice looking Shelby Cobra replica. AAA refused to load it on their rollback because...

Regular phone lines up and active!

After a few weeks of intermittent problems, our two regular landlines are back up and functional. Hopefully we'll have no more...

Post Ian cleanup

We're alive and in one piece, but will be closed at least through this coming week while we are surrounded by waters in North Port. ...

Doing our best to keep prices down

Everything seems to cost more lately, doesn't it? Towing is no exception. Just the cost of fuel alone is driving increased prices for...

Jackpot of Classics Last Week

Engaged by an auction company to do some local relocations on auction cars after an event in Punta Gorda. Towed two classic Corvettes. a...

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