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Feedback & Reviews

I would highly recommend this company. I waited over 9 hours on AAA to send a tow truck, but they never came. After 9 hours waiting I decided to google search towing service near me. I called Master Towing and they picked me up within hour and a half. Master Towing was also cheaper than if I would have used aaa tow truck. Call Master Towing Service for a rapid response and professional service.

Kenny A.

Called for a tow and owner showed up helped me right away! Feeling blessed and definitely appreciate his assistance! Recommend this company if you ever need any type of road side! Thank you 🙏🏼 so much!

Natasha D.

The night before My car wouldn't start even after I connected a fully charged portable jump starter.... Had me baffled and I thought that perhaps the starter went out... The following morning I called master towing to have it towed to a repair shop... I got there before master towing showed up and thought for $#&$ and giggles I'll try my portable jump starter again and wouldn't ya know it the dang car started right up.... So come to find out it was the battery... Upon arrival master towing was very understanding of my situation I offered to pay for his time to come over and he insisted that I didn't have to pay and was happy that my car started and wasn't in worse condition.... Thank you master towing for to your excellent customer service!

Helix H.

Amazing amazing AMAZING!!!!! From the moment my call was answered to the time my car was picked up and towed to the dealership, I got the kindest service ever!!!! Thanks Master Towing

Jalissa T.

Although I didn't have my vehicle towed by them they were very helpful with the information they offered

Tony F.

Feedback & Reviews: Testimonials
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