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No Teslas Here

Sorry, but no, we cannot tow your Tesla; they require either flatbed transport or wheel-lift with dollies. Many flatbed operators won't touch them either, and with good reason. Here is an excerpt on requirements. This is for a Model S:

Pull Onto Truck - With Tow Eye 1. Locate the tow eye. 2. Remove the tow eye cover by inserting a small flat screwdriver into the slot along the top of the cover, then prying gently to release the cover from the top snap. 3. Fully insert the tow eye, then turn it counter-clockwise until securely fastened. 4. Attach the winch cable to the tow eye. 5. Pull the vehicle slowly onto the truck. 6. Shift the vehicle into Park by pressing the button on the end of the gear selector. Caution: Before pulling, make sure the tow eye is securely tightened. Pull Onto Truck - Without Tow Eye It is strongly recommended that you connect the winch to your vehicle's tow eye, as described previously. However, if a situation arises in which the tow eye is not available (lost, misplaced, etc.), the instructions below describe how to attach tow straps. 1. Attach the tow straps to the large hole on each of the rearmost lower suspension arms underneath the front of the vehicle. 2. To protect the underbody from any damage, place a protective barrier (such as a piece of wood) between the tow strap and the underbody. 3. Pull the vehicle slowly onto the truck. 4. Shift the vehicle into Park by pressing the button on the end of the gear selector. Secure the Tires The vehicle's tires must be secured onto the truck using the eight-point tie-down method. • Ensure any metal parts on the tie-down straps do not contact painted surfaces or the face of the wheels. • Do not place tie-down straps over body panels or through the wheels.

And further:

Model S must be towed using recommended procedures by Tesla. The complete Model S towing manual is available by clicking the MANUFACTURES MANUAL link in DOCUMENTS below!!!! Use a Flatbed A wheel lift and dolly can be used only when transporting your vehicle for a very short distance to relocate the vehicle for loading onto a flatbed truck or comparable transport vehicle or if otherwise specified by Tesla. Model S does not have a wheel lock, steering wheel must be tied when transporting from the rear using dollies. Warning: Vehicle is equipped with high voltage components. Before transporting as a result of an event (such as a collision) that may have compromised a high voltage component, it is important to assume that these components are energized. Always follow high voltage safety precautions until emergency response professionals have evaluated the vehicle and can accurately confirm that all high voltage systems are no longer energized. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. Disable Self-Leveling (air suspension vehicles only) If your vehicle is equipped with Smart Air Suspension, it automatically self-levels, even when power is off. To prevent damage, you must activate Jack mode to disable self-leveling: 1. Touch Controls > Suspension on the touchscreen 2. Press the brake pedal, then touch Very High to maximize height. 3. Touch Jack. When Jack mode is active, your vehicle displays this indicator light on the instrument panel, along with a message telling you that active suspension is disabled. Note: Jack mode cancels when driving speed exceeds 4 mph (7 km/h). Warning: Failure to activate Jack mode on a vehicle equipped with Smart Air Suspension can result in the vehicle becoming loose during transport, which may cause significant damage. Activate Tow Mode Your vehicle may automatically shift into Park when it detects the driver leaving the vehicle, even if it has previously been shifted into Neutral. To keep your vehicle in Neutral (which disengages the parking brake), you must use the touchscreen to activate Tow mode: 1. Shift into Park. 2. Chock the tires or otherwise ensure that your vehicle is stable. 3. Press and hold the brake pedal, then on the touchscreen touch Controls > Service > Tow Mode. When Tow Mode is active, your vehicle's instrument panel displays this indicator light, along with a message telling you that the vehicle can roll freely. Note: To cancel Tow mode, shift your vehicle into Park. Caution: If the electrical system is not working, and you therefore cannot release the electric parking brake, attempt to jump start the 12V battery. For instructions, call Tesla Roadside Assistance. If a situation occurs where you cannot disengage the parking brake, use a self-loading dolly or tire skates. Before doing so, always check the manufacturer’s specifications and recommended load capacity.

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