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It's exotic month!

First a couple of Porsches and now a Rolls-Royce! This was just a short relocation on the same property. I assisted my buddy Mike at Dalmation Towing a few months back in moving this from a secluded garage on the property to this location. Just needed a little adjustment today to where it was parked while waiting final disposition, likely in commercial storage. Has to be wheel-lifted due to complete electrical failure that prevents transmission from being shifted into neutral and it would not accept external power. Oddly enough, the customer was ready for it to go to storage, but was turned down by two of the biggest towing companies in the county! It needs special handling (the rear clearance is a little tight on my truck due to the relatively short reach of the wheel lift), but I was able to scoot it over to her complete satisfaction. Actually towing to her proposed destination may have been challenging, but the bigger companies would certainly have the necessary equipment (and insurance) to handle the job. It's called good customer service!

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