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Just the facts, Ma'am

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Apologies to Joe Friday. Never had a car towed or been a long time? Don't worry, we'll get you through this. When you call, we're going to ask a few basic questions to ensure you get the service you need. It's helpful if you've already considered these questions and have the information ready.

While a name and phone number are nice to have, they are not absolutely essential. We already have your phone number noted on our Smartphone.

We'll need the make and model of the vehicle you are calling about. This is, of course, really important if we will be searching a parking lot for your car, but we also need to ensure you are driving a vehicle we can tow. As we operate strictly light duty wheel-lift equipment, if you have all-wheel-drive or a heavier vehicle, we will need to refer you to our friends at Dalmation Towing who can handle both. Don't be embarrassed if you get the make, model, or both wrong or can't remember; we'll gently talk you through identifying what you have.

The location of the vehicle comes next and is pretty important, too. While we get a chuckle out of hearing, "In my garage" or "In my driveway" when asking the location, an address works much better. If you are away from home, we'll try to get the address where you are located if, for instance, you are at a store. The store name as well as the address is best depending on the circumstances. When broke down on the road, we'll need a street name and hopefully nearest cross intersection.

We'll need to know where we'll be taking you. This will most often will be either to a repair shop or back to your home. If you need a referral to a good garage, we can help with that; we tow for some of the best garages in the area.

We'll also ask you what problem you are having with the vehicle. We are not trying to diagnose your problem over the phone, but trying to narrow down your requirements. You may think you need your vehicle towed, when we can actually get you going with a jump-start. It also prevents us from arriving on-site only to discover you have four flat tires and will require a flatbed. We don't need a detailed description; keep it simple.

We may also ask some other questions, such as are you out of the travel lanes, are you remaining with the car, etc. If you will be riding with us to accompany your vehicle, we may ask if you are capable of getting up into our truck. If riding with us, we'll be asking how many in the vehicle, as we have room for only two passengers. If needed we can help you arrange alternative transportation.

Once we have all the facts we need, we'll be right over!

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