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Let's have a little review of commonly violated traffic laws.....

Specifically, lets talk about a situation that is not uncommon in Florida, especially during hurricane season. Yesterday we had a significant wind event in the area which was a bit unusual for this time of year. It resulted in numerous power outages, some of which affected traffic signals at some intersections.

Test question: What do you do in this circumstance, as in the intersection shown here?

Answer: First you STOP, because the intersection has just become a four-way stop! Yep, in the absence of signage to the contrary (or an officer manually directing) these intersections become four-way stops. Do NOT go blowing through the intersection; you have just, essentially, run a virtual stop sign.

Sad example: Those of you can remember Hurricane Charley might also remember the number of traffic signals in Charlotte County that were laying on the ground. Even the ones still hanging were inoperative. The folks in at least one car traveling on US41 learned a lesson the hard way when they collided with a second vehicle, traveling on Veteran's Blvd, that also ignored cross traffic. Both ran the intersection without stopping and they collided leading to fatalities.

This isn't rocket science, it's common sense; please use a little out there.

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